Vintage Dress Patterns of the 20th Century


From Flapper Dresses, Mini Skirts to 1980s Eveningwear


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A stunning collection of the most iconic garments of the 20th century, with 25 patterns of key garments that defined their era from 1910 through to 1990. The book features a range of historically accurate garments perfect for recreating the coveted vintage look — from a 1920s flapper dress through to a 1940s Utility suit, a 1950s jive skirt and 1970s bell-bottom trousers.

Detailed, scaled patterns are provided with full instructions and notes on fabrics, techniques and colors appropriate to the period. The patterns are accompanied by a fascinating commentary on the social history behind the clothing, as well as practical notes on the construction of the garment and what underwear and accessories to wear to recreate your chosen vintage look down to the last detail. Wonderful illustrations and photographs of period dress accompany the practical information, ensuring authenticity and accuracy. This is an essential book for any dressmaker interested in recreating period dress, especially film and theater costume-makers, but also fashion designers and fashionistas looking for authentic and individual vintage garments.

Anne Tyrell combines her experience as a teacher of fashion, embroidery, pattern cutting, tailoring and dressmaking, with a love for all that is vintage. She is the author ofChanging Trends in Fashion: Patterns of the Twentieth Century 1900 to 1970 and Classic Fashion Patterns of the 20th Century. Anne combines her expertise as a practitioner with her skills as a fashion historian and researcher, enabling the translation of history into the present-day context. She demonstrates throughout all her works the essential link between fashion and social history and how fashion always reflects the predominant mood of contemporary life.

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